What is the list price of CABENUVA?

Please see the table below for the list price for the oral lead-in and for CABENUVA.



List Price

VOCABRIA (cabotegravir 30 mg tablets) and EDURANT* (rilpivirine 25 mg tablets)

Oral Lead-In (30-day supply)

Available at no charge for oral lead-in to patients prescribed CABENUVA

CABENUVA (cabotegravir 600 mg/3 mL; rilpivirine 900 mg/3 mL)

600-mg/900-mg Kit


CABENUVA (cabotegravir 400 mg/2 mL; rilpivirine 600 mg/2 mL)

400-mg/600-mg Kit


It’s important to keep in mind, the list price is not the price most people usually pay for their prescribed medicines. If you have health insurance, the price you pay – sometimes called your out-of-pocket cost – is set by your prescription drug plan.

What can I expect to pay for CABENUVA?

Select the option below that best describes your health insurance to find out more about how much you may pay for your medicine.

  • I have health insurance through my employer or a private policy

    • If you have an insurance plan through work or a private policy, your health insurance company may set a fixed co-pay or co-insurance percentage for you to pay for your prescriptions.
    • To help ensure the price of your medicine is affordable to you, ViiV Healthcare offers CABENUVA Patient Savings Programs to help eligible, enrolled patients who are enrolled in a commercial insurance plan with their out-of-pocket costs for CABENUVA.
      • If approved, patients could pay as little as $0 for CABENUVA. Subject to eligibility, program terms and conditions. ViiVConnect programs do not constitute health insurance.
    • To learn more about the CABENUVA Patient Savings Programs and determine eligibility, please visit ViiVConnect.com.
  • I have health insurance through Medicare

    • CABENUVA may be covered under Medicare Parts B, C, or D, depending on your Medicare plan.
    • With Medicare Part B, you may be responsible for 20% of the Medicare-approved amount. Secondary payers often help cover this coinsurance payment.
    • With Medicare Parts C and D, the price you pay for your medicine may change throughout the year, depending on your insurance plan design.
    • To better understand your out-of-pocket cost, contact your Medicare plan to confirm the details of your coverage.
  • I have health insurance through Medicaid

    • Medicaid is a joint federal and state healthcare program. While federal law requires states to provide coverage for certain groups of people, states may offer additional coverage for certain drugs or classes of drugs.
  • I have health insurance through Medicaid and Medicare by being “dual eligible”

    • If you meet certain income requirements, you may be eligible for Medicaid in addition to Medicare and be automatically enrolled in both programs. This is called being “dual eligible.” If you are “dual eligible”, Medicaid helps cover your Medicare cost-sharing requirements. As a result, dual-eligible patients often have low or no out-of-pocket costs for CABENUVA.
  • I receive support through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program

  • None of the above apply and I do not have health insurance

    • If you are a patient who does not have health insurance, then there are options that may be available, pending eligibility, such as the ViiV Healthcare Patient Assistance Program. Visit ViiVConnect.com for more information.
    • To better understand your cost, talk to your pharmacist.

Does ViiV Healthcare offer patient support programs for CABENUVA?

Yes. ViiV Healthcare is sensitive to the needs of patients who struggle to afford healthcare services, including medicines. If you can’t afford your medicines, ViiVConnect may be able to help.

We have programs for eligible patients who are insured, or uninsured. ViiVConnect programs do not constitute health insurance. To learn more and to see if you're eligible, click here.

Where can I get more information?

  • To learn more about CABENUVA, visit CABENUVA.com
  • For more accurate information about your out-of-pocket cost, contact your health insurance company to ask about the details of your plan coverage.
  • To talk to a ViiVConnect Access Coordinator, call 1-844-588-3288 (toll free). Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 11 pm ET.

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* EDURANT is owned by Janssen Sciences Ireland UC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. All other trademarks are owned by or licensed to the ViiV Healthcare group of companies.

Site updated January 1, 2024.

Source: ViiV Healthcare Data on File as of January 1, 2024.
2 Estimates from IQVIA FIA 2.5 data, All ART Products. Accessed on June 20, 2023. Based on analysis of national retail pharmacy level data of ADAP patients who filled their prescription at the pharmacy between January 1, 2023, and June 30, 2023. The analysis includes only retail claims that were paid, or for which price was accepted by patients with ADAP as the primary payer, and for which data about the transaction was available.